Anni The Web WhsipererThe Very Beginning of the Web Whisperer

When I was just a little girl (30 years before I became The Web Whisperer), my mother was a graphic artist who had her own Ad Agency called Page One. My sister and I would spend hours there during the school holidays and after school. The agency was such a magical place! I knew one day I wanted my very own agency; complete with a boardroom with a huge whiteboard and a telecom system!

Flash forward a few years to when I was in my early teens. We had just had the internet installed at home, and my I had a group of friends who were really in to HTML pages. I learned bits of HTML and made my very own web pages. Of course, the were full of psychedelic and spinning happy face .gifs which were popular in the mid 90’s. Through these simple set ups I mastered HTML, and was hooked.

A Little Bit Later…

A few years later, when I was 17, my mother decided to put me to work. My job consisted of typesetting brochures, advertisements and magazines. Each day, my mother gave me a new Photoshop task to learn the Adobe program. Pretty soon I was designing advertisements for newspaper and magazines and I got to sit in on client meetings. During this time I was still designing HTML/CSS pages for me and my friends. Most of the webpages I was building were for bands.

All Grown Up…

At the age of 20, I emigrated to England to be with my English husband. In 2002 I gave birth to my son, and spent the next 5 years as a stay-at-home-mum. It had been the first time since I started working that I had been without a paying job, and I put my Agency dream on hold. In 2010 I started using WordPress. My husband and I started a business based around affiliate, CPA marketing.

I would build pages and write content, for the sites and also to publish as articles for Article Marketing. My husband would monitise these sites and get them ranking in the Search Engines. This was also my first experience with SEO. Having learned HTML and CSS all those years ago gave me an advantage (I didn’t realise it at the time). I was able to customise those free templates for WordPress. I also relied heavily on my Graphic Design background to create logos and advertisements for these sites we were building. During this time I also did some freelance Graphic Design as a side-job.

At the time, WordPress was pretty much a blogging platform, but I saw the potential there to make WordPress look the same as standard HTML site, and that’s just what I did! I never thought that what I was doing was to become the future of WordPress.

The Future

Here I am almost 30 years later, that little girl playing in her mother’s Ad agency a distant memory. However, I am on my way to achieving my lifelong dream of having my very own, hustle and bustle agency. An agency that not only offers WordPress services, but can handle anything web related.

I am completing a degree in Computing. Hopefully, I will be able to add connecting office to networks as one more on the long list of services this agency can offer.

This is how I came to be The Web Whisperer!

Contact Anni

Anni has over 20 years experience with html and CSS, and has over 7 years experience building and operating WordPress websites and blogs. She is the Founder/Owner of The Web Whisperer. Her skill set is vast and includes skills such as, Copywriting, Marketing, Graphic Design…to name a few.

She is currently in her first year of a Computing Degree, and is student at the University of Central Lancaster School of Computing and Physical Sciences.