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Meet Anni Hamer

Anni Hamer is Creative Director and the driving force behind The Web Whisperer. Her journey into Web Design began in 1995 when she began to experiment with HTML. She and her friends created web pages to share with one another. Anni says, “it was then I fell in love with Web Design. Back then it was mainly happy face .jpgs, spinning peace sign .gifs and psychedelic colours, but I loved the idea this whole new language I was learning had the power to create imagery I could share with my friends (and the whole world really)”.

Anni created The Web Whisperer from the idea that the current way of building web pages is fundamentally broken, and people were settling for expensive websites that under preform. She also wants to help business get the most not only from their websites, but also to be able to use all of the web tools available to help them grow and succeed.

Anni began using WordPress in 2010, and was one of the early pioneers using this CMS to build static pages. “Everyone I knew told me WordPress was just for blogs, but because I was great with HTML and CSS, I was able to create static pages which you would never guess was WordPress. It’s pretty common now, but back in 2010 it was a pretty radical idea.”

Our Associates

We work closely with partner Associates which have been personally appraised, and declared excellent by ourselves. We want to bring our clients the best the web has to offer without a stuffy, agency feel. Our Associates are the best in their chosen fields, which allow us to bring you fantastic results for all things web related; all under the same umbrella.

“We want to bring you agency results, but not at agency prices!”

  • HTML 100%
  • CSS 95%
  • PHP 70%
  • WordPress 99%
  • MacGyver Level Problem Solving 95%

Results Driven Design

The Web Whisperer doesn’t just build your website based on designer assumptions. They mine data from users on your website to determine which features will bring you optimum results for your website. Your website won’t just look amazing and perform great, but it will be perfectly attuned to your target audience.


Anni Hamer

Anni Hamer

Creative Director

Anni Hamer created The Web Whisperer from the belief great web design should be affordable. She brings to the table her 20+ years of experience in Web Design and Graphic Design, as well as over 7 years working with WordPress.

Liam Hamer

Liam Hamer

SEO and Copywriting

Liam specialises in SEO,  and is also a Copywriter and Blogger. He has co-written  eBooks on Niche Marketing, and has published several keyword research packages.

Our Associates

Our Associates

Social Media and Virtual Assistants

Our Associates are leaders in their field, so we can ensure you have the best Web Solutions Cumbria has to offer all under the same roof.

Your Data is Safe

We take your data security seriously, and have a number of security precautions in place at our data centre in London. To stop unauthorised access to the physical hardware housing your data, we have: 3m perimeter fencing, 25+ CCTV cameras, 24/7 security personnel and electronic access control systems.

Our servers are all powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind power, and feature cutting-edge cold aisle containment technology maintains an optimum temperature. This ensures optimal hardware performance while minimising power consumption and our impact on the environment.

We comply fully, and are certified in EU Data Protection Law, and we are fully insured for Web Development by Policy Bee.


C L Body Therapy


Colette O’Neil

Anni at the Web Whisper has been absolutely fantastic from start to finish, designing my website for my new business. Shes very professional, confident, calm and always smiling. So easy to talk to and get across my ideas and thoughts. She is also extremely informative and has really helped me by giving me fab ideas on how to improve and make my website and business stand out from everyone else. I can highly recommend her, she is amazing and my website looks incredible

OwnerC L Body Therapy

Fun 2 Do


Angela Corierri

Anni from The Web Whisperer has handling our large eCommerce website redesign, and we are delighted at her input and her work during the process. She has a fantastic understanding of our brand, and that shows throughout our website. We plan on using her with future website redesigns.

Media Coordinator / Fun 2 Do

"The internet has changed the way we communicate with each other, the way we learn about the world and the way we do business" - Ron Wyden

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